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Our Savior Lutheran Church has many books for your use including the following titles

"Hey, Mac!" In our non-fiction section, you will find this book by William F. McMurdie. This could be one for the MEN of the congregation. His book is a rigorous tale of war through the eyes of a teenager. It is a gripping view of life's fragility in war as recounted in letters home. A love for mankind forges in the crucible of war brought this young man to do God's work. Some events are so sudden, so heartless, so terrible that they shatter some peoples' faith, but cultivate others.

His wife, Jean McMurdie, has also written a book entitled "The Land of Morning". She was at Our Savior for the LWMS meeting and graciously sent a signed copy of it for our library. The events in this book are those experienced by the writer and her memories of childhood on the foreign mission field, teen years as a prisoner of the Japanese during World War II, and a brief summary of the following years as a preacher's wife, registered nurse, mom, teacher and traveler.

Four of a Basic Bible Discovery Series have been added. The insights provided in these books remove the speed bumps on your road to a greater understanding of God's Word. Book 1: "Finding tools to read and interpret scripture", 2: "Exploring important Bible Terms", 3 "Using Archaeology to Study the Bible" and 4: "Experiencing worship with Old Testament believers". Bible Basics is for ALL levels of Bible readers. It offers guidance on how to understand the Scriptures with the approach of letting Scripture interpret Scripture. They are located on the bottom of the third set of shelves, with "E" for Education, on yellow stickers.

The Library is here for your use. Please take advantage of the books, but please remember to return books you borrow.

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